The Higher School of Commerce was established in 1900 under the French administration. On February 18, 1966, according to Presidential Decree 66-43, the School was attached to the University of Algiers.

In 1985, the ESC (Higher School of Commerce) of Algiers regained its autonomy from the University of Algiers, in accordance with Presidential Decree 85-160 dated June 18, 1985. It was placed directly under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

In 2005, the ESC of Algiers obtained the status of a “Grande École” (prestigious higher education institution) through Executive Decree No. 05-500 dated December 29, 2005. The main objectives of this status are to provide training for highly qualified professionals, introduce students to research methods, and ensure education through and for research. It also aims to contribute to the production and dissemination of knowledge, promote its acquisition and development, and participate in continuous education.

Additionally, this status aims to promote and develop science and technology, valorize the results of scientific research, and participate in the international scientific community’s exchange of knowledge and enrichment.

In 2007, with the introduction of the new LMD (Licence-Master-Doctorate) higher education system, the ESC aligned itself with Master’s and Doctorate-level education. This allows the school to offer courses and professional profiles tailored to the demands of the job market and the national economy.