Charter – Quality Assurance

By this declaration of “Quality Charter,” the School of Commerce, University Campus of Koléa, commits to establishing a sustainable quality approach that ensures efficient training and guidance for its students, providing them with the best working conditions, emphasizing quality with the contribution of all institution stakeholders while respecting ethical values both at the university and universal level.

In terms of education, the school aspires to:

  1. Offer rich and diversified training programs in line with its main mission and regularly update them to remain relevant to the demands of the socio-economic environment.
  2. Establish high-level training for its students, ensuring their proper preparation for the national entrance examination to access the second cycle of major schools and further their studies at the Master’s and Doctorate levels.
  3. Encourage excellence and innovation.
  4. Foster research-oriented education.
  5. Promote international and local openness.
  6. Ensure effectiveness and modernity in pedagogical practices and teaching methods, particularly through the use of new information and communication technologies.

Regarding better governance, the school commits to:

  1. Make quality a permanent concern.
  2. Involve all school stakeholders (teachers, administrative, and technical staff) in the quality approach process.
  3. Regularly disseminate information and prioritize transparency.
  4. Motivate educational and administrative staff in the performance of their respective functions by improving working conditions and offering each person opportunities to effectively carry out their tasks.
  5. Encourage administrative and technical staff to improve through continuous training to enhance their expertise and task execution.
  6. Encourage the teaching staff to update their knowledge through training and research.
  7. Encourage partnerships, diversify and mobilize funding resources, and ensure their transparent and effective utilization.

Regarding student life, the school commits to:

  1. Ensuring the best pedagogical conditions for students.
  2. Contributing to the formation of students’ civic and citizen spirit.
  3. Improving their living environment by providing scientific, cultural, and sports activities.
  4. Promoting the integration of students with specific needs into student life.
  5. Establishing a listening cell for students to collect and address their grievances.
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