Branch : Commercial Sciences
Specialty : Marketing & Communication

Teaching UnitCoursesCoefficientsCredits
Fundamental TUServices Marketing3,03,0
Integrated Marketing Communication3,03,0
Consumer Behavior3,03,0
Strategic Marketing3,03,0
Marketing Research 13,03,0
Methodological TUManagement of Operations3,03,0
Discovery TUStrategic Management3,03,0
Transverse TUManagement Control3,03,0
Management Information System3,03,0
Total Semester3030
Teaching UnitCoursesCoefficientsCredits
Fundamental TUIntroduction to E-Commerce1,51,5
International Marketing3,03,0
Advertising Techniques3,03,0
Product and Brand Management3,03,0
Marketing Research 23,03,0
Managerial Economics3,03,0
Methodological TUIntroduction to Methodology1,51,5
Survey Techniques3,03,0
Discovery TUBusiness Criminal Law3,03,0
Transverse TUAnalysis and Design of Information
Total Semester3030
Teaching UnitCoursesCoefficientsCredits
Fundamental TUMarketing Trends33
Customer Relationship Management33
Sales Techniques & Business Negotiation33
Seminar in Marketing Communication1,51,5
Semiology and advertising1,51,5
B-to-B Marketing1,51,5
Sales Promotion Techniques and
 Direct Marketing
Philanthropy, Sponsorships, and Public Relations33
UEMéthodologieData Analysis33
Business Games1,51,5
UETransversaleWebsites Design33
Business Ethics1,51,5
Discovery TUEntrepreneurship 1,51,5
Total Semester3030
Teaching UnitCoursesCoefficientsCredits
Fundamental TUMaster's Dissertation1030
Total Semester1030
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