The Accounting Department includes a group of highly qualified professors with distinguished qualifications and skills. The department has been working since its inception to develop its programmes while taking into consideration the needs of the labour market. The department also seeks, through its current study plan, to provide distinguished graduates in accounting education and training, committed to the ethics of the accounting and auditing profession, and capable of competition and adaptation to changes in the business environment.

Objectives of the department

The Accounting Department aims to achieve a number of objectives, the most important of which are:

  • To provide high quality educational programme based on solid foundations in the discipline.
  • to improve and develop educational programmes in line with the requirements of the labour market and economic developments at both local and international levels.
  • To contribute to achieve the interaction with the professional and economic environment.

Education in the department

The Accounting Department guarantees an academic master’s degree in:

  • Financial and Accounting Sciences, Specialty: Accounting and Finance.
  • Management Sciences, Specialty: Management Control
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