The Department of Studies is a safety valve and bears a mission that delves into the exploration of a substantial, dynamic, and above all fundamental relationship between a human lever marked by its quality and represented by the teachers, and the students who represent the subject of an investment – science and knowledge – whose guaranteed outcome, a posteriori, forms a second relationship between this product and a socio-economic environment influenced and constantly changing by its needs and demands. We have committed ourselves to this noble duty through the pursuit of a better relationship, by bringing together favorable conditions for its success through policies, plans, and programs aimed at performance and efficiency. We are also faced with the other duty of listening to and monitoring the socio-economic environment in order to be in tune with its needs, ensuring high quality in the investment of human capital, which we have taken care to train and educate to be responsible and capable of undertaking complex and innovative activities to meet the current and future challenges of society.
We listen to our teachers, our students, and we remain open to our environment so that we can ensure the required performance and serve the mission of our school, ESC.

Sincerely, Mr. Dahia Abdelhafid Director of Teaching and Continuing Education

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