A word from the ex-director – Pr. Kamel BOUSSAFI

Our school is considered as an establishment of excellence that requires more responsibility from all members (Administrations, professors and subordinates).

The conditions that lead to great success, in our school, seem to be demanding not only the high level of students, as a strong requirement to enter the school, but also the quality of the courses given by highly qualified, well-experienced and competent group including professors and pedagogical coordinators.

During this period that has been witnessing changes in different levels mainly societal, economic and political. Our responsibility, then, has become even bigger. Our mission is to walk side by side with our students, as far as possible, to be there with them passing passionately and carefully through the different individual and collective transformations.

Our ambition is to allow all contributors (students, researchers, supervisors …etc.) to continue their progression in a way where the actual metamorphoses are well understood including societal, economic and technological.

Strong requirements are present while choosing students who want to enter our school either in the first cycle or the second one. That is, in fact, in accordance to; first, the exceptional quality of our professors; second, the accuracy and pertinence of our training that, with the help of all members of the school, try very hard to build.

We wish constantly to go further following this direction. The direction that allows our students to anticipate and cope with the different mutations in a world of competitive economy, more innovative, big responsibility and covered under humanity.

Ex-Director of the Higher School of Commerce

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