A word from the director – Pr. Abdelhafid DAHIA

École supérieure de Commerce is historical asset and landmark that exceeds a century. It has been producing human resources and capabilities that are tightly integrated in our society. It is a vast and deep human reservoir covering a wide scope in society through its institutions and structures along strategic, intermediate and operational levels.

Our school is constantly developing in a system that while it acknowledges and preserves inherited traditions in pedagogy, training, and scientific research, it seeks to keep abreast with recent development and advances.

The school is also distinguished by the quality and diversity of its supervision that consists of professors with considerable experience and knowledge base that combines between under-graduation from the school and postgraduation from prestigious British and American universities for some professors. The school also has young professors  who will ensure a smooth transition that preserves the school’s history, traditions, and distinctive pedagogy. These young professors also represents the school’s energy that is required to move towards the future.

The school aspires to a prosperous future within the evolving dynamics of society and the nation as a whole through meeting challenges and though either comprehensive or partial reforms of the Algerian university. All of this to deliver and guarantee a quality training and ensuring employment for its graduates.

The presence of the school’s graduates in several structures and institutions across the country serves as a significant indicator of teaching and training quality of the school as well as the depth of its integration into society. Moreover, it makes the school a safe and informed choice for future generation of students and future high school graduates.

We are committed to preserve this heritage and image and we seek to ensure a visibility for École Supérieure de Commerce that matches its historical caliber.

Pr. Abdelhafid DAHIA